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Scalp Stimulator Massage Brush

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$ 19.99

  • Multi-functional - The Amazing Hair Care Scalp Brush has soft silicon brushes that gently massages and deep cleans your scalp as you shower. The brushes are very safe and effectively reduce itching and improve blood flow. Besides, the silicon material is certified and durable. It deep cleans all the hair roots, dislodges any dirt, bacteria and other residue in your hair. It also removes all dead and dry skin leaving your scalp fresh and rejuvenated
  • Healthy and Works Naturally - The brushes work naturally and soft. While scrubbing, the brushes help to stimulate the scalp thus helping to promote natural hair growth. The massager is ideal for people with short nails and those with long well-manicured nails and don't want to damage them. It eliminates all the hassles you may encounter while scrubbing your hair
  • Handle - It also has a handle that gives you a solid grip. This gives you added security making it easy for you to remove any loose hair. You don't have to worry about it dropping or slipping down even if you use intense force
  • Portable and Sizeable - Amazing Hair Care Hair Scalp Brush is super lightweight (only 1.8 ounces). You can carry it around with ease. It is a sizeable, hand-held massager that can fit nicely into the palm of your hands. Even if you have small hands, this scalp massager can fit well for easy use. It has an ergonomic design that makes it very comfortable to use as you scrub your scalp